Potty training routine for toddlers: A comprehensive plan


This comprehensive potty training routine for toddlers includes setting a consistent schedule for your child to use the potty, encouraging them to sit for a few minutes at each scheduled time, and praising them for any attempts to use the potty. Rewards, such as stickers or small treats, can be given for successful potty use. Teaching your toddler the proper way to wipe and wash their hands after using the potty is also important. Using training pants or underwear instead of diapers can help your child understand the sensation of needing to go. Patience and consistency are key, as accidents are a normal part of potty training. Gradually increasing the time between scheduled potty breaks as your toddler becomes more comfortable and successful with using the potty is recommended. Celebrate when your toddler is fully potty trained and no longer needs diapers or training pants.