Morning routine for toddlers: A step-by-step guide


This checklist outlines a morning routine for toddlers to help establish a consistent and healthy start to the day. Begin by waking your toddler at the same time each morning, and then assist them with changing their diaper or using the potty. Next, help your toddler brush their teeth and wash their face before dressing them in weather-appropriate clothing. A nutritious breakfast, like oatmeal or scrambled eggs, should be served with water or milk. After breakfast, engage in a quiet activity like reading or coloring before reminding your toddler to use the bathroom again. Pack a bag with any necessary items for the day, such as snacks or extra clothes, and then put on your toddler's shoes and jacket before heading out the door. By following this step-by-step guide, you can help your toddler start their day on the right foot.