Moving Checklist: Moving Your College Student


Moving your college student can be a daunting task, but with this checklist, you can stay organized and on top of everything. Two months before the move, start researching moving companies and get quotes, decide on a moving date, book a moving company, notify the college of the move-out date, and start packing non-essential items. One month before the move, notify utility companies of the move-out date, cancel any subscriptions or services that won't be needed at the new location, confirm the moving date with the moving company, and continue packing non-essential items. One week before the move, pack essential items in a separate box or bag, label all boxes with their contents and the room they belong in, confirm the moving company's arrival time, and clean the dorm room or apartment. On moving day, double-check that all boxes are labeled and accounted for, take pictures of any damages to the dorm room or apartment, make sure all items are loaded onto the moving truck, and confirm the new address with the moving company. After the move, unpack essential items first, check for any damages to items during the move, notify utility companies of the move-in date, and set up any necessary services at the new location.