Moving Checklist: Moving In Checklist


Moving into a new home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. To make the transition easier, it's important to plan ahead and create a checklist of items to purchase and tasks to complete. This checklist includes unpacking boxes and furniture, cleaning and organizing each room, setting up utilities, changing address with post office, registering to vote in new location, transferring medical records, updating driver's license, transferring school records, changing address with bank, and changing address with insurance companies. Additionally, setting up internet and cable, phone service, and purchasing cleaning supplies, groceries, furniture, appliances, tools, decorations, pet supplies, outdoor items, kitchen items, bathroom items, bedroom items, office items, storage items, lighting items, security items, safety items, entertainment items, and any other necessary items should be included. With this checklist, you'll be able to move into your new home with ease.