Monthly Drain Cleaning Checklist

Home Maintenance

To ensure that your drains are functioning properly, it's important to perform monthly drain cleaning. Start by checking all the drains in your home for any signs of clogging or slow draining. Next, pour a mixture of hot water and vinegar down each drain to help break up any buildup. If a clog is present, use a plunger to clear it. Remove any visible debris or hair from the drain covers. Check the garbage disposal for any buildup or clogs and run it with cold water for a few seconds. Inspect the pipes under sinks for any leaks or damage. Check the water pressure in all faucets and showerheads. Clean the showerhead and remove any buildup or mineral deposits. Run the dishwasher and washing machine on a hot cycle with a cleaning solution to remove any buildup or odors. Finally, check the sump pump and clean out any debris or buildup in the pit.