Guest-Ready Cleaning Checklist for a Hostess Home

Home Cleaning

This Guest-Ready Cleaning Checklist for a Hostess Home is a comprehensive guide to keeping your home clean and presentable for guests. It includes 12 essential tasks that should be completed daily to maintain a tidy and welcoming environment. The checklist begins with making the bed and wiping down bathroom counters and sink, followed by cleaning the toilet bowl and seat. Sweeping or vacuuming floors, mopping or spot cleaning any spills or stains, and dusting surfaces are also important tasks. Wiping down kitchen counters and sink, loading and running the dishwasher or washing dishes by hand, taking out the trash and recycling, and fluffing and arranging pillows and cushions are also included. Finally, straightening up any clutter or messes and adding a pleasant scent to the home with a candle or air freshener complete the checklist.